This WordPress is dedicated to providing an online guide to resources covering the Futurist art movement, specifically in Italy and Russia. Print and web resources are listed and reviewed, in order to provide a starting point for art historical research. While the main focus is placed on resources pertaining to visual art, there is also an attempt to include materials that document architecture and literature, modes of expression in which Futurist visual artists often participated. This guide also attempts to address the need for representations of primary resources, and gives priority to resources containing high quality art images.

The materials covered in this guide are appropriate for use in undergraduate art history research, although they may also fulfill general research needs in public libraries. Librarians may find use in reviews that characterize the scope and presentation of each resource, when considering acquisition of items for the library’s collection.

Natalya Goncharov's painting "The Cyclist" is an image depicting a man riding a bicycle that attempts to show kinetic movement

Natalya Goncharov's "The Cyclist" (1912-13)