Futurism [ MoMA

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, this catalogue provides images and essays that serve to trace the historical development of Futurism, beginning with F.T. Marinetti’s manifesto. The text discusses early exhibitions and the relationships  forged between Futurist artists at the onset of the movement, in addition to commenting on the artwork featured in the exhibition. Emphasis is placed heavily on paintings, with just a handful of photographs of sculptures, drawings, and architectural sketches included. Unfortunately, most of the images are printed only in greyscale. At just over 150 pages, this catalogue offers a good range of images and an introduction to critical analysis of Futurist art. Additionally, art historians and biographers may be particularly interested in the inclusion of several of Boccioni’s letters.


  • Forward
  • The Futurist Goal
    • The Modern Pegasus
    • A Dynamic Perception
    • “Hurrah! plus de contacte avec la terre immonde!”
  • The Futurist Achievement
    • The Painters Meet the Public (Milan, May 1911)
    • The Futurist Assault on Paris (February 1912)
    • Each in His Own Way (1912-1923)
    • Giacomo Balla
    • Gino Severini
    • Carlo Carrà
    • Luigi Russolo
    • Umberto Boccioni
    • The Closing Years (1914-1915)
  • Notes to the Text
  • Chronology
  • Appendix A: Four Futurist Manifestoes
  • Appendix B: Boccioni Letters to Vico Baer
  • Selevted Bibliography of Futurism: 1905-1961
  • Biographies and Catalogue of the Exhibition
  • Index

Citation: Taylor, J. C., & Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). (1961). Futurism: The Museum of Modern Art. New York: The Museum of Modern Art.