Futurism [ Taschen

This thin little art book opens with an introductory essay on the history and development of Italian Futurism, illustrated with photographs of prominent artists and woks. The remainder of the volume is dedicated to presenting key Futurist paintings, several collages, two sculptures, and a photograph that attempt to provide the reader with a palatable and brief overview. As with many Taschen publications, this resource deserves mention because of the quality of full color reproductions of all works, each of which is allowed to take up an entire page in the book. Images are accompanied by commentary on the artwork displayed, as well as general notes on the style and guiding principles of the executing artist.


  • Art + Action + Life = Futurism
  • [Selected works from 1910-11]
  • [Selected works from 1912-13]
  • [Selected works from 1913-14 to 1918-19]
  • [Selected works from 1919-20]

Citation: Martin, S., & Grosenick, U. (2005). Futurism. Köln: Taschen.

Futurism Taschen Art Series