Women Artists of Italian Futurism

Women Artists of Italian Futurism is a unique volume that documents the careers and contributions of several lesser-known, yet significant figures in Futurist art. This resource will be of particular interest to researchers interested in art and gender studies.  Biographical chapters, black and white images (and a few color plates) of paintings and drawings, woodcuts, poster and print designs, and objects illustrate the participation of female artists in a movement rife with anti-female rhetoric. Interestingly, the authors have chosen to highlight the relationship between words and images in Futurist artwork; this can be read as a metaphor for the unified participation of both visual artists and writers as manifested in the art objects. Although the table of contents lists both a glossary and a collection of documents, these scant two-page long additions do not bring much new information to an already sufficient text.


  • From Page to Space: Mirella Bentivoglio
    • Introduction
    • Valentine De Saint-Point
    • Marietta Angelini
    • Gender Polemics and Parolibera Poems
    • Benedetta
    • Giannina Censi
    • Regina
    • The Litolatta Women Workers
    • Aeropoetry and Gastronomy
    • Maria Ferrero Gussago
  • The Shape of Speed: Franca Zoccoli; From Painting to Photography
    • Introduction
    • The First Women Futurists in the Visual Arts
    • The Draftswomen of Futurism
    • Benedetta
    • The Female Squadron of Aeropainters
    • The Applied Arts and Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Color Plates
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Futurist Glossary
  • Index
  • About the Authors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Credits
  • Documents

Citation: Bentivoglio, M., & Zoccoli, F. (1997). Women artists of Italian futurism. New York: Midmarch Arts.

Women Artists of Italian Futurism