Web Resources

The usual suspects:
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  • Oxford Art Online:
    The combined resources of Grove Art and several Oxford publications offers biographies for several Futurist artists, as well as encyclopedic-length articles that provide a thorough, yet concise overview of the movement.
  • ARTstor:
    Nearly all of the images available on this WordPress are provided by ARTstor’s extensive digital image library, which provides high resolution images from hundreds of museums and galleries worldwide. This site is also useful for image comparison, as multiple digital versions often exist for the same piece of artwork, with hierarchical preference given to the digital image deemed to be most true to the original.
  • Wikipedia:
    Perhaps one of the most heavily trafficked online encyclopedias available without a subscription fee, Wikipedia provides text and images that cover a range of topics in visual art. Although the entry for Futurism is currently lacking in length and scope, it can serve as a starting point for further investigation and an introduction to images of Futurist works.

Where you may not have looked:
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