Highlights: This online guide offers an outstanding collection of Futurist art, architecture, and literary manifestoes, available in Italian and English translation and organized by date of original publication. It also offers several reviews of exhibitions and conferences, and a Web 2.0 widget that displays recent publications on the subject of Italian Futurism. Another helpful research tool is a Google spreadsheet document that can be accessed through the site, which lists major exhibition titles, locations, and dates from 2007 to planned exhibitions coming in 2014.

Drawbacks: While this site is unique in its ongoing coverage of current events related to Futurist exhibitions and publications, external resources for retrospective and art historical research must be consulted. does not focus on the works of any one particular artists, therefore images and biographical information cannot be found. While scope of coverage includes international exhibitions and publications, the primary focus of this site is defined by the it’s title, and seeks to provide information most relevant to the Futurist movement in Italy.