Russian Avant Garde Gallery

Highlights: Published and maintained by an individual who is interested in the subject, this website is a rich image resource for many Russian avant-garde artists and movements. In spite of its small-scale operation, the site is impressive owing to its inclusion of many images and a considerably well-written statement on its scope and mission (which also includes a disclaimer stating an attempt towards, but not a guarantee of, information accuracy). Recommendations are also provided for books and films on the subject, and the site designer has included other tools, such as an online forum, to encourage user contributions and discussions on Russian avant-garde art. One highlight from this resource is a chronologically organized listing of thumbnails for the paintings of Kazimir Malevich, which can be enlarged by clicking on the images. Lyubov Sergeyevna Popova is also a ‘featured’ artist on the site; in addition to her characteristically Futurist works, there are also examples of her typographical and graphic design related art. By scrolling through the timeline, researchers can observe the fascinating transition of the artists’ style before, during, and after the Futurist phenomenon.

Drawbacks: Site design and organization is less fluid and polished than those constructed by museums and other professional institutions. While several Futurist artists are included in the scope of avant-garde Russian art, the site does not distinguish the movement by name in its sidebar navigation for “Groups & Movements.” References to Futurism are primarily identified as “Cubo-Futurism,” which is sometimes treated as a subdivision of the movement in other resources. This resource should be consulted only when cross-referenced with other reference materials.